The Experience

Why don’t grownups go to festivals?

Because mud, porta-potties, grungy food and sweaty crowds. That’s why.
Grand Weekend is something new: A genuinely civilized festival for grownups.

And it’s dedicated 100% to what grownups care about, with
four full categories of event programming:


You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to admire rare and classic cars, or to test-drive hot new models on scenic country roads. And strap into the passenger seat of an exotic car for full-speed lap around America’s most beautiful track.

Music & Comedy

Unfold your chair in our grassy amphitheater to enjoy stars you grew up with, today’s hit-makers and up-and-comers who’ll broaden your horizons.

Food & Wine

A top-tier food & wine festival—minus all the snootiness. Enjoy the best offerings from star chefs, top wineries, craft brewers and artisanal distillers . . . in a warm and casual cocktail-party atmosphere.

Grand Living

A 360-degree celebration of the smart lifestyle. Not just top brands, but arts, technology, wellness, ideas, recreation. And—yes—massages!

All in a grownup–friendly environment, with plenty of shade, air conditioning, elbow room and (ta-dah!) flush toilets.

Come for a day, or two or three. Stay locally, or in one of our luxury “glamping” safari tents.

But leave the kids home. Because Grand Weekend is for grownups.