Road & Track: Lime Rock Park Is Having a Cars-and-Music Festival This Summer

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By Bob Sorokanich, RoadAndTrack.com
Dec 3, 2015

​Most music festivals are missing two key things: The opportunity to test-drive luxury cars, and the chance to ride shotgun in a plethora of supercars doing hot laps around a legendary race track.

Grand Weekend Lime Rock Park sets out to solve all of that.

Announced this week, the three-day festival  set for July 8-10, 2016, will be part test-drive opportunity, part music and comedy festival, and part high-end camp-out. Organizers are calling it “the first festival for grown-ups.” That might be a bit of a stretch—it seems to us like most festival attendees are looking to actively ward off grown-up responsibility for a few days—but you can’t argue with the gearhead component of this lifestyle festival.

Specifically, attendees will get the chance to test-drive a number of luxury cars on the beautiful, sceneic country roads surrounding Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut, while more daring thrill-seekers will have the chance to ride along with pro drivers on hot laps around the famous racetrack. “Consumers will be able to explore and test drive the latest SUVs, luxury sedans, sports cars and convertibles in a relaxed and fun environment without the hassle and stress of the typical automotive shopping experience,” said Grand Weekend co-founder Roger Garbow.

We’re told there will be top-tier music and comedy acts appearing on four stages, high-end food and drink, and immersive exhibits from fashion, lifestyle, and wellness brands to distract you from when you’re not driving around scenic Connecticut or riding around the famous racetrack. To us, that sounds a touch superfluous—we’d stay as close to the ractrack as possible, all weekend—but it’s further evidence that this festival will try to offer something for nearly everyone.

Grand Weekend organizers haven’t yet announced which automakers, musicians, or comedians will be appearing, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out. The full lineup will be announced when tickets go on sale in February. For more information, visit Grand Weekend’s website.