Lineup & Schedule

Who’s playing?

Sign up for the big lineup announcement coming in early February—and learn about presales, early bird pricing and other special opportunities. We can’t reveal the lineup yet—but you can be the first to know.


A different kind of festival

Grand Weekend is for grownups, and grownups are into a lot more than music and comedy. So drop your preconceptions about what a festival is, and get ready for the first-ever event where you can:

Ride in an exotic car
on-track at high speed

Meet top artists and designers

Take in a live cooking demo from
a famous chef

Test drive the latest models
on scenic country roads

Get out of your lawn chair and rock out to some amazing music

Lean back in your lawn chair
to hear some amazing music

Enjoy fashion shows from the designers people are talking about

Get inside the heads of bona fide visionaries

Sample small plates from the restaurants people are buzzing about

Work on your golf swing

Get a massage

Taste a Barolo from each of the last 10 vintages

Zip line over a crowd

Take in a late-night show in the air-conditioned Grand Cabaret